/etc ascii files converted to binary after untarring them



I'm using a raspi (rasbian) with the rootfs on a separate USB stick.
Now I wanted to have a backup rootfs on a second USB stick ready to use it when the first one doesn't work any more (it already happened recently).
So I connected both of the USB sticks to a Fedora20 virtual machine (VMWarePlayer on win7 pro),
created a tarball (tar -cv . -p --ignore-failed-read --same-owner -f /root/transcend_2_usb_drive_8GB/raspi_rootfs_USB.tar > /root/tasr_transcend_2.txt).
Then I extracted the tarball (tar -xf /NTFS_USB_01/raspi_rootfs_USB.tar .) onto the second USB stick and everything seemed OK.

Whenever I want to test the second USB stick it it says on booting:

/etc/inittab[n]: missing action field (n = 1-9).

Then I tested the /etc/inittab on the second USB stick with file and it was like any other ascii files under /etc "data" i.e. binary instead.

Trying to edit them with vi the contents were all like this:


Can please anyone tell me what might have gone wrong with this?


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