Dual Boot Kali + Win10 From SD : No Boot Options


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Feb 15, 2021
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Tech background : 2017 PC, new celeron cpu, integrated gpu, 8gb ram, 64gb storage (yeah it's a mini laptop).
Running currently Windows 10, with UEFI system. (American Megatrends 2019)

For the past few days, I created a bootable SD device using 3 different programs.
At first I tried using Rufus, managed to do all the steps correctly but the device doesn't show on the boot menu.

The same issue goes for WinDisk32 and UUI(Universal USB Installer).

The SD Card won't show as a bootable option.

In fact, I'm not even able to change boot order.
And boot priority shows only windows boot manager.

As if, the SD isn't recognized as a bootable device at all.

Fast Boot : OFF, Secured Boot : OFF.

Do I need to define the SD Card as a bootable device for the computer to read it and consider it an option for boot?

I would appreciate any help.

Why am I insisting on a SD Card?
Only because I'm not able to put my hands on a USB stick for the next week or two, and I have 128GB SD.
Would be lovely to boot from it.

That is most likely a Bios issue , it probably does not allow booting from an SD Card, My ACER Laptop is that way cannot select the SD card to boot from the internal slot, but you can get a USB to SD card adapter and it will work that way

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