do more distros use dep package manager?


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I am very new to Linux, and currently learning CentOS and Debian. I have noticed a lot of items are similar to each distro of Linux; however, one thing that stands out is the utility/mechanism used to install packages and/or applications.

CentOS uses what I think is RPM, and YUM; however, it looks like Debian uses DEB and APT-GET to install packages and applications.

In addition, it appears that more distros use the deb package manager; however, not sure if this is true - is it?

Should I learn both and the thoughts behind each distro build? Little over-whelmed right now, but excited to learn.

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it appears that more distros use the deb package manager; however, not sure if this is true - is it?
Hi @z80proc8bit, and welcome! There are around 300 active Linux distributions right now (see DistroWatch). Does it matter whether more use DEB or RPM? Not really. And those are not the only package management systems either, but they are the most prominent I guess. The DEB system was developed by Debian, and RPM by Red Hat.... very early Linux distros, and many others have built new distros that are based on these two, which is why you see their package management so frequently.

Don't let them discourage you. As you try out new Linux distros you will find your own comfort zone, you'll find the distro(s) that feel best to you. Part of finding that comfort zone is determining which of these systems appeals to you more. Neither is better, they are just different. Or you may discover those lesser-known systems and find you like them even more. You only have to please yourself in making these choices, unless you need particular knowledge for a job.

With so many Linux choices, you will face the same dilemma in other areas too, maybe especially which Desktop Environment (DE). There are, again, many.... KDE, Gnome, MATE, Cinnamon, XFCE, LXDE, and more. Some are a bit more feature rich (and need more computer resources), and some are a bit lighter and faster. It just takes time to look around, try some out, and see what you like. But the DE's are not tied to package managers, so you are pretty free to mix and match in that respect.

There are many terminal choices too... BASH is not the only one, though it is the most common, I guess. But this one you would probably not even realize unless you really get into working from the command line.

Linux is all about choice. Enjoy it! :cool::D



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Hi!!! Thank you for such a long post, and warm welcome.

I have not even started using the 'gui' yet, and be just doing cli exercises and learning the different GNU/POSIX "hope I have that right" commands. As you pointed out about BASH and terminal choices - I have found a few; however, I have stuck with BASH.

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