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Hi, I'm looking for a distro that's good with keyboard navigation out of the box. I'm primarily accustomed to using the keyboard as opposed to a mouse and have some minor tendon issues that make keyboard easier. Running Netrunner 13.14 right now, and even the simplest shortcuts have to be customized. I was running Linux Mint Debian Edition before and most of the usual shortcuts worked out of the box.

My other request would be a distro that's pretty good with audio hardware. Netrunner does not want to play nice with the sound -- I get sound, but can't control the volume and haven't found a solution. My laptop probably doesn't help. It's a Toshiba Tecra A10, and Toshiba doesn't have the greatest reputation WRT Linux compatibility. On LMDE I could control the volume but it wouldn't go up terribly high. I switched to Netrunner because of its great reputation with media codecs, plugins, etc, so it would be nice to have that as well although it's not the end of the world to add them on.

The A10 has 4GB RAM, is 64 bit capable, Intel Core2 Duo [email protected] and although it's a few years old it still runs quite fast. I don't do gaming, primarily do Internet surfing and have a huge music collection. I don't anticipate running many, if any, Windows programs.

Also, even though I've run a couple of distros, I'd still prefer one that doesn't require a great deal of expertise as I haven't yet had the time to get to know the system as well as I should. Doesn't need to be a total newbie distro, but prob not Arch or Slackware. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can offer.

Is it definitely a new distro you need?

1) Is it that you need to know more/better keystrokes? There are some similarities between some Windows and Linux keystrokes, but there are some differences. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Table_of_keyboard_shortcuts

Linux Mint keystrokes are listed in one place at http://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/45

2) Or is it a Windows Manager rather than a disro that you need. Some Windows Managers work entirely from the keyboard and no mouse is necessary e.g. ratpoison.

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