Disable All Remote Access Services


Sep 26, 2020
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Can someone give me the best route to go about this. I don't and have never used ssh, ftp, telnet etc.

what distro? Most of these are turned off by default in most distro's.

The one exception is usually ssh.

For most distro's do something like...

systemctl disable sshd
systemctl stop sshd
what distro? Most of these are turned off by default in most distro's.
They aren't even installed by default on most distributions, the exception for that is ssh but that I've only seen installed by default on RHEL.
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Why do you have two topics running about the same issue ?
Deleted other Thread - put it all in this one @ScrambledEggs , please.

Ok, so I'm still learning Linux. The past couple days I've been going through every directory and opening up the files to read what they contain. I've read quite a bit about remote access. At the time I didn't know that the remote access services were not installed by default. I was using the systemctl stop/disable commands to try to disable telnet, samba, etc and getting an error. Now looking back, Ulyssa was telling me "hey dummy, it's not installed! What are you doing!?"
Anyways, I did some reading and the articles touched on remote access through the known services, and also through xserver and others. I was curious about disabling remote access period. I don't use it and have no need. I could be going down an incorrect path, that's why I'm here seeking advice.
To add, I installed a program called Alienvault OSSIM to mess around with it and it was showing someone trying to tunnel in via lightdm. I could have misread the log but I'm sure it was lightdm.

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