DinoTails - Tutorial “How to persistently install Dino on Tails with Torsocks”


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Hey guys,

probably there are many Tails users interested in using OMEMO encryption with XMPP.

Unfortunately, Tails current XMPP client Pidgin only supports OTR encryption out of the box.
Since I have seen that Dino is a promising candidate for the Pidgin successor, I developed the project DinoTails to install Dino as Additional Software in a persistent way right now. Therby the Dino data directory is linked to the encrypted Persistent Storage on the Tails USB Stick and Dino connects by Torsocks to XMPP servers. DinoTails provides the same functionality as a classic installation and can easily be started by clicking on a desktop icon.
You can find the tutorial here:
Maybe someone is interested in the project and wants to have a look, review and test it.
I would be very happy to receive criticism and suggestions for improvement.

Best regards
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