Deepin 23: 7 Features to Look Out For


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Jan 9, 2024
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Deepin 23 is around the corner. Find out what you can expect with the release.
Deepin 23

Deepin remains one of the most beautiful Linux distributions out there.
While the entire user experience may not be hassle-free, it looks good. The developers of deepin have experimented with intriguing customizations that make it stand out from the crowd.
If you are learning about it for the first time, you should know that it is one of the interesting distributions based on Debian Linux.
With deepin 20 and its recent point releases, we had a nice list of upgrades.
It looks like deepin 23 will be the next major upgrade with a new flow design user interface concept, and other fundamental changes.

Deepin 23 is available as a beta version at the time. We will update the article when the stable release is available.

Deepin 23: What’s New?​

deepin 23
Deepin 23 preview has been made available for testing. Unlike its previous version, deepin 23 includes some fundamental upgrades that impact the user experience on several levels.
The key highlights include:
  • A new package format
  • New music flow-design-inspired app.
  • A new idea for system updates
  • A new repository
  • New wallpapers
  • Linux Kernel 6.1

New Package Format: Linglong​

Linglong is the new package format developed by deepin.
It aims at solving various compatibility problems caused by complex dependencies of traditional package formats under Linux. Furthermore, reducing security risks by supporting sandboxing along with incremental updates and privacy protection.
You can find the packages in its Linglong store as of now.
Do we need another package format? I don’t think so.
With Flatpak and Snap around, it does not sound like anything that’s never been done before.
To me, it looks like deepin simply wants to have its own package format as part of its offerings.

Redesigned New Music App​

The revamped music player aims to offer an intuitive user experience. You will find more buttons, drag-and-drop support in playlists, and better album display.

Improved Image Viewer​

The updated image viewer now includes a live text function that improves the efficiency of extracting texts from images.

Atomic Updates​

The system updates will be treated as atomic operations, i.e., when packages are successfully installed, the update completes. If the installation fails, the system can be reverted to the previous version with no changes.
So, you get system rollback support after an upgrade and can avoid difficulties with partial upgrades.

Independent Upstream​

While it is based on Debian, deepin aims to have a separate repository for the core packages and some optional components.
For the preview release, the developers mention that they intend to learn from the upstream like Debian and Arch Linux to improve their repository.

New Wallpapers​

deepin 23
Like every other major release, deepin 23 adds some refreshing wallpapers and new default wallpaper.

A Separate Backup and Restore Desktop App​

The backup and restore utility will now be offered as a separate desktop app.

You can also choose to backup data to an external device now.

Download Deepin 23 Preview​

Note that Deepin 23 stable is not yet available. So, if you want to experiment on your test system, and experience what’s in store for you, the alpha version is available.
You can find the download links to the ISO file on the official download page.

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It's fantastic!! I have Deepin v23 beta3 and I can't get over how it is somehow simplified (like I'd put it up against any distro for someone to switch straight from Windows) but at the same time powerful. I get administrative permissions as a sudo user easier than w/ Debian. I had some difficulty downloading it, one link on the site was slow and the Google one was dead, but the repository is blazing fast for me once installed. Some of the packages on the repository have different names, such as beginning with com.<package-name> but if you <apt search familiar-name> you find them. It's Beta, there's some kinks to work out, but I think when v23 hits stable release it's gonna be amazing. Especially if they get the linglong store and website better developed.

Here is a mirror which may be faster to download if you're in the US - CEDIA-Indiana?? I will say I downloaded Alpha2 and somehow wound up with Beta3 after update && upgrade, lol. Not sure what happened, but I like it so it's all good!
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