Complete Newbie: Debian won't boot while Graphics card is installed.


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Hello, I am new to Linux and I have some issues.

After installing Debian due recommendations from my dear friend, I can't boot it up if I have my GTX 970 installed. After selecting Debian in Grub, the process gets stuck, displaying only "/dev/sda1 clean: number/number files, number/number blocks" with a blinking cursor.
Yet if I remove my GTX 970 out of my PC and plug the monitor into my mainboard and use the intergrated GPU, Debian opens up just fine.
When I have my monitor plugged into the mainboard instead of the GPU, instead of getting stuck at /dev/sda1 clean:, i get and error message about firmware failing to load.

Edit: I seem to have solved the issue. All i had to do was press "e" in Grub and add nomodeset at the end of the line starting with "linux". Then Debian started up fine with some minor visual bugs. After that I could install the drivers from Nvidia and now the PC is running fine.
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