Hello everybody,

I am an happy GNU/Linux user from Italy

I have switched from Windows to Linux in September 2005, and felt in love with it since then

But despite I have been using Linux for few years now, I feel I have so much to learn and that's why I registered to the forum

Keep the good work going!


Hello and welcome. I have never been to Italy, although I have visited a few countries in Europe. How is the weather this summer?
Hello there,

Despite being in Mexico for a vacation right now, I can tell you weather in Italy is hot as usual :)
Welcome, Cris. So how's the Linux situation in Italy? Is it something that the average computer user is using or is it something used only by computer-savvy people?

There is a good Linux community in Italy with many LUGs, and the number of people using it is growing, a classic example is the experienced Linux user that installs a user friendly distro on his/her parents/partner/friend machine.

It still remains an elite product, but this is mostly for other products' marketing reasons, I believe.