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Can't unlock encrypted disk


New Member
I use Debian default encryption disk encryption. Only /boot it's not encrypted. When I boot I need to type my password, and then I will be logged in. But now I can't login. It always says that I typed the wrong password, but I typed the correct password.

I tried to boot in live-CD and try unlock volume from there. But It always says wrong password.
Before that I had an achieve that had a 90GB file in it and I tried to underachieve it, but it gave me error not enough space. I get notification that I'm out of space 600mb left, but when type df -h I saw I have same amount of space as before I start to unarchieving file. Looks like file was autodeleted by Debian system.
I have no BADs on disk. Sometimes I have some issues with RAM module and I my PC stucks but I always can unlock the disk. In that case I need to clean RAM module and PC is not stucking anymore. I tried remove RAM modules and boot with only one of them, but still can't unlock disk. I have 2 HDDs with Debian and only one of them is not unlocking. Other one is working fine.

When I try to boot like this

I get this

When I boot like this

I get


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