Can't Boot my Ubuntu Linux


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Aug 20, 2020
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Hello everyone, I recently decided to change my OS from windows 10 to Ubuntu Linux. I flashed Ubuntu on USB stick and booted from it. It did some file checks and after that I was in the "TRY OR INSTALL UBUNTU" page. Whenever I clicked either of them, my system just hangs and stuck from there. I can't do anything but restart my system manually. So, I really to put Ubuntu Linux guys, but because of this, I can't go any further. Thanks in advance, for your reply...

couple of things its difficult to guess what you did or didn't do leading up to the trying to install.
I would have thought the try would have worked, but what architecture 32 or 64 bit is your PC and what was the iso.

if it did some checks and then you the option of install or try then it can't be that you didn't enable to be able to boot from a usb....

I am sure you will get other replies and i'm sure they are going to ask for specs for your PC i.e ram, hd size ,cpu Intel, amd etc etc .So maybe gather that info and come back .
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Don't know HOW you "flashed Ubuntu on USB stick" but if not with Ventoy, please take a look at one or both of these youtube videos

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So, you saw the screen below ?
Where did you download Ubuntu from...? Here ? or Here ?

did you VERIFY the downloaded ISO ?

If you have done this already, format the usb stick to fat 16 or ext4.....and then use Balena Etcher to flash the Ubuntu onto the usb stick again.

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