Solved Can't add game to lutris

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Jan 21, 2024
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I'm adding GOG game to lutris but when getting to step to choose *.exe installer in dolphin all items are grayed out and can't be selected.
The executable and directory is not owned by root, I copied it to Downloads folder from my external HDD so it's owned by current user, and lutris is run with same permissions, as current user.

What I did prior to this problem is reinstalling nvidia driver.
I also reinstalled lutris and rebooted system.

Adding same game worked yesterday, but I decided to uninstall it and install again and now it's won't add.

What could be wrong?


I should really read more carefully what's being asked from me.
It asked to "select installation directory" not to choose file. :eek:

Sadly I can't delete this thread, sorry to waste your time.
Been there done that. :)
Problem is that I'm not used to Linux yet, in Windows when you need to choose a directory the dialog will not offer to choose files but will be limited to directories, wheres in dolphin there is no restriction but files are grayed out.

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