Can I install LibreOffice partially?


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Aug 24, 2020
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I'm currently using eOS on a laptop that has an eMMC storage, therefore I need to save space wherever I can.

My question would be (found nothing in this case, even on developer's site), is it possible to install, or after complete installation remove part of LibreOffice?

Basically I only use Writer and Calc and none of the rest.

Thank you, have a nice day!

you could also simply use libreoffice from a live linux OS from a usb stick and even save stuff if there is persistence , thus leaving you even more room. but i know where you are coming from its tight on my laptop too !
Yes, have been thinking about that, but it's a nice little laptop, wouldn't ruin it all the time with a stick sticking out of it. Also, I'm a lucky type of person, so most likely would brake it sooner or later :D
If you only want a word processor and a spreadsheet application, you could consider installing and using a lightweight word processor like abiword and a spreadsheet program like gnumeric.
I only have a need for Libreoffice Writer so Libreoffice Writer is all that I have installed.

abiword and gnumeric are excellent choices and if all that is needed is a minimal of each these are good options although can be limited sometimes.

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