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Feb 2, 2023
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Hello everyone,

I can't connect a bluetooth keyboard to my linux PC, everything went well to connect a mouse but for the keyboard it asks me for a code which is not displayed to pair it.


I tried the keyboard under windows 10 and everything works well and the code (variable) to pair it is displayed well.
Thank you in advance for the feedback

G'day Zorg, Welcome to

Bluetooth is not my forte, but someone will come along with more knowledge than I.

Which Linux are you running?....and the version as well, please.

eg, Linux Mint (Cinnamon) 21.1

EDIT : I just realised your specs etc are in your signature.

If you want to get device IDs
hcitool inq  #this should list bluetooth devices
hcitool scan

And Did you try entering random digits? Not sure whether this works though. First try 8 digit long number, if it does not work try a 4 digit number. (You need an extra USB keyboard)
the second solution worked very good
the problem is that as soon as I turn off the computer you have to redo the connection from the beginning
Just by you still have the usb stick (with linux mint 21.1 on it)...still plugged in ?
Yes of course
I will assume that you have installed Linux recently, from a usb stick which had Linux Mint 21.1 on it.

You have booted to that usb, and then eventually you have double clicked the install icon on the desktop.

At the end of that install process, you must reboot, and take the usb stick out, when prompted to do so.

If you fail to do this, then any changes you make to the OS (linux mint) will not be permanent.
Yes I installed linux from a USB key but a long time ago and the USB key is no longer on the computer, I thought they were asking me if the usb bluetooth dongle was still on the computer
Were you able to fix it? or still finding a solution mate?
No I gave up I think it's the keyboard that has a too weak signal at the level of the bluetooth signal. Here is the keyboard in question:
try this to fix Bluetooth keyboard
sudo hcitool scan

Now simultaneously press buttons or whatever on device, and make sure it is discovered. If discovered, it should print an address of it, e.g. something like 20:77:00:01:90:65, and a description of device, e.g. Bluetooth keyboard. Grab that address to clipboard.

Now issue
hcitool cc 20:77:00:01:90:65

hopefully your keyboard is on - now we need to create a small script file and put it in /etc/init.d/keyboard, with this content:

#! /bin/sh
sudo hcitool cc 20:77:00:01:90:65
exit 0

save the file as

Then, as root:

chmod +x /etc/init.d/keyboard
service keyboard enable
update-rc.d keyboard defaults
service keyboard start

now it should start at boot-up

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