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I'm new in Linux like I dont know anything 0 information but I have a job in IT they asked me just if I can get some bascis, so im asking if anyone can send me videos that can help or any articles just I want to know the Basics of Linux nothing more



I want to know the Basics of Linux nothing more
That is a loaded question as there is SO much to what we call Linux, or GNU/Linux!

For starters, I would recommend "Introduction to Linux, A Hands On Guide" at The Linux Documentation Project.

Linux relies heavily on the CLI, or Command Line Interface, so I would also recommend three other good documentation documents, GNU/Linux Command-Line Tools Summary, Bash Guide for Beginners, and later Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide.

You might want to look through all the other documentation titles on this site.

Happy reading, and welcome to the site!
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Georgia Jaeger

I'm in the same boat as you. Depends on what you want to learn about Linux as well. The love and the curse of Linux is " the sky is the limit". I I have a server that is about to run out of space, so I am jumping into command line real fast. But there is much I want to learn about it. Try finding a free course that lines up to what you are interested in doing with Linux. Also, there may be some good reading on Amazon you can snuggle up to at night for some light reading.
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