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May 4, 2018
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Are there any good ways to run 3D CAD software (Autodesk Inventor to be specific) without using Wine?

You won't be able to run it natively, and Wine probably isn't a good idea either anyway. Autodesk Inventor seems to rely on Windows' code a lot, so it's not likely it'll be available on *nix systems any soon. If your computer can handle it, you could always run it in a Windows virtual machine. If you absolutely need it for your work, dual booting Windows is also a great option. That's what I do when I need to use Windows for work.
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Autodesk talked up a storm end of 2015 about FOSS, even going so far as to join the Linux Foundation

It seems not a lot, if anything, has come of that since.

... still appears to be focused anywhere but Linux.

You could do worse than make your friend, for any of your Windows or Mac based searches for equivalents

... lists about 10 entries, but you would have to test them out with the filetypes you have already produced to see if they are acceptable.

I can't help further, as I know nothing about CAD, but if you find something, please let us know?

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Yes, that was included in the linked text Scout provided ... doesn't sound promising? :(
The only great 3D software I've used on Linux is Blender, but it's not really an alternative I'd recommend if you're only doing CAD work. Looking around, I found this useful list of alternatives for you to try, some of them aren't listed on Don't know if any of them can be a replacement to you, but it's probably worth checking out as well!

And thank you for the warm welcome, @wizardfromoz! :)
Are there any good ways to run 3D CAD software (Autodesk Inventor to be specific) without using Wine?
Hi, and welcome to As a retired former AutoCad user, I have had good luck with LibreCad opening my old drawings and making minor edits. I have not tried to use a drawing on AutoCad after using it in LibreCad, I'd give LibreCad a whirl and see what you think. It's free, so it will cost you is your time.
Hello in 2023.

Just in case somebody is looking for CAD, I had quite good experience using BricsCAD instead of AutoCAD.
I'd say it's almost a clone of Autocad UI and also it supports DWG well, so there was no problem to use it with our school projects for CAD subject.

It's far from opensource I'm afraid. But they provide student licences etc.

I really appreciated I don't need to get Windows VM for AutoCAD
(I just opened this thread, expecting to see a link to an article about the person who invented Autodesk with comments regarding how they feel about Linux. Oops.) o_O

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