Audio playback is too slow. How do I fix the sample rate in pipewire?


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Nov 12, 2023
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I can't find the config file or a working command line. I need it to be 48khz and I believe the sample rate in pipewire is set at 44.1khz.
How do I check and adjust the settings? I have wireplumber installed but can't find that either.

It depends on your distro where these files are.
In Fedora they are at ... /usr/share/pipewire. There are a number of .conf files here.
client.conf, jack.conf, minimal.conf, pipewire.conf, and pipewire-pulse.conf

These have your audio sampling rates in them. The default ( at least in Fedora ) is 48kHz.

Of course this depends on your audio source also. If your mp3 was only encoded with 32kHz
well then that's all you will get no matter how pipewire in configured.

I'm not sure what you mean by "too slow". The frequency sampling doesn't have anything to
do with how fast the file played. It's just how high the frequencies in the file can be.

Very few speakers can play sounds as high as 48kHz. Most human ears can only hear noses slightly
higher than 22kHz or so.
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