Anyone like classical music?

@warlockk What language is the lady singing in?
This piece is called the Swan Concerto and the soloist is Zhao Cong and the instrument is called the Pipa ( a Chinese version of what the Europeans call a Lute) and yes I like Chinese Traditional instruments especially the Pipa, Dizi ( a bamboo flute ) Xiao ( a vertical Bamboo flute )
She is an accomplished Pipa player and I like her renditions of songs.
Zhao Cong is the Pipa Principal of the China National Traditional Orchestra, a National Class One Musician, a committee member of the All-China Youth Federation and consultant to the arts troupes of the Peking University.

Very impressed by Zhao Cong's skill (and her clothing). Some Chinese opera sopranos have also impressed me a lot, like Ying Huang as Cio-Cio San in Madame Butterfly. Her performance of Un Bel di Vedremo is one of the best ever.
Here is another Chinese Tradtional instrument the Erhu, a bowed two stringed instrument

Yu Hongmei

Yu Hongmei is China's leading virtuoso contemporary erhu soloist. She is an educator: professor, graduate supervisor and director of the Chinese Music Department at the Central Conservatory of Music. She is the vice chair of the Erhu Society of Chinese Musicians Association; the vice chair of the Huqin Professional Committee of Chinese National Orchestra Association; the guest erhu soloist for China National Traditional Orchestra and a guest professor at the University of Calgary in Canada.
Here is another Erhu piece by Hongmei.
This is a slightly fast paced piece in contrast to the Ballad of Northern Henan Province titled "Horse Racing"
i am a guitar fan - any type of guitar, but i hope classical guitar is welcome here, if not, the OP can let me down, gently :)

"malaguena" has been recorded by a number of artists, but i found this one with michael lucarelli, with good sound and hd vid