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Adobe Flash Player issue

Discussion in 'General Linux' started by smartalgorithm, May 23, 2012.

  1. Hello everybody :)

    i just noticed that adobe flash player plugin for mozzila firefox can not play the game on facebook, called <<World Poker Club>>... it loads and stops with an error... in windows all is okey. please, who have facebook account, check this and give av advice what can i do.
    thank you :)
  2. i know it, but only this game is not playable and on all browsers in linux including google chrome...
  3. Ja'cobeC

    Ja'cobeC Guest

    I always play that game with no problems. Try re-installing adobe flash player and see what it do but it shouldn't be giving you problems.
  4. it doesn't help :(
    you know, its not woriking neither on my laptop nor on my PC,,, it doesnt work on any linux i tried....
    maybe it is because of my flash player verison? it is the latest version,,, i remember that that game was playable earlier on ubuntu 11.04.... since some updates in 11.10 it is broken,,,,v :(
  5. keylogger

    keylogger Guest

    hey i think you should try to reinstall flash player because i havn't such type of problem. yeah i think you are right may be its not compatible with ubuntu 11.10

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