Acer Aspire ES17 will not install Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon


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May 14, 2020
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I bought this new Acer Aspire ES17 last December and have been trying off an on to install Linux Mint 19.3.
I can run Mint from the USB stick but installing whole Laptop freezes after about 1 min into install Grub2 .
I have disabled secure boot and given access to bios a password. I did hear that the Intel processor N3350 at 1.10 GHz is not compatible but that there is a special installer iso. But I cannot find any details. Can anybody help before I have to spend even more money and buy another Laptop TIA

G'day Trevor and welcome to :) :)

Goodness gracious, I cannot believe the complexity of the research I have been reading, this really is a curly one!

I will give you 3 articles to read, from top to bottom, and number them so I can refer to them later. If you think what is contained therein is not beyond your capability, then you can go ahead and try, but do not go ahead until you check back here.

Question - Are you running Windows on this laptop and if so, which one? Or is it just for Linux?

The articles -




I am from Australia and off for my evening, have shopping to do tomorrow morning and then will be back.


Chris Turner
Thanks for your efforts, you seem to have spent a fair bit of time on this, Your first suggested link recommends installing Linux without Grub, this I find daunting and too complex for me. I have now explored every avenue and believe that the Acer Aspire Laptop cannot be installed with Linux. Another Laptop will have to be bought if I want Linux, but which one will surely install Linux
this I find daunting and too complex for me

I wondered as much, but felt obliged to run it past you as an option to save money.

Even I find that solution daunting, and I am one of the better-versed helpers here ;), having lived and breathed Linux for 6 years.

Obviously we are not agents for computers here, but I have not ever had a problem with putting Linux on a Dell.

If you Google

laptops ship with linux

... you will find a number of guides, some are expensive, that have Linux pre-installed. If it is Ubuntu, that is reliable, and you can always swap out for another Distro (distribution) at a later time, or multiboot.

See what you think, and keep us posted, we will answer any questions we can.

Good luck.

Yep, the Wizard truly is what his name implies.

Acer laptops are notoriously difficult with Linux, mostly due to the UEFI/BIOS. To be fair, Acer isn't the only one. The problem is usually with other UEFI firmware settings, beyond Secure boot. Complicated by dual boot situations with Windows. If you are not going to dual boot, then there are some possible solutions. And if you need to make an administrator password for UEFI access - don't ever lose it!! Write it on the wall, chisel it into a concrete block, whatever it takes!

Secure boot, you have taken care of.
UEFI mode, never Legacy, never CSM.
For SATA, use the AHCI setting, and turn off any fake hardware "RAID" settings that Windows loves.

On the other hand, if you are dual booting with Windows, I'll leave that to others 'cause I don't allow the Windows virus on my personal machine :eek:
And if you need to make an administrator password for UEFI access - don't ever lose it!! Write it on the wall, chisel it into a concrete block, whatever it takes!

Love that :) - Amen.

Good luck Trevor, hopefully you won't need it :)

's funny - I had an Acer Aspire All-in-one 2014 to 2016, when I was gathering momentum in Linux. 2TB hard drive, put about 30 or more Linux on it, together - no problemo.

Then about a month after the warranty expired, the screen went kaput, and with an AIO you're buggered if that happens. :(

The drive should still be good (gets lights and whirs encouragingly) and will salvage it into a caddy sooner or later.

Avagudweegend, all

I have decided it can't be done on this Acer so have bought on Ebay a Dell XPS 1530
Agree, that's a better choice. It's a BIOS machine, rather than UEFI. Linux should just drop in. Now if I read the specs correctly, it will take 4GB RAM, which would be a good idea.
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