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802.11N network adapter is not working


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I'm facing a problem with a 802.11N usb network adapter, it has rtl8188eus chip. The package came with a CD containing the driver 8188eu but it is unable to be installed on Linux 4.5 or later. So I downloaded 8188eu from github and installed it. And it is also listed in (in lsmod command). But my but my usb adaptor still not working.


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I'm using Ubuntu 14.04.
But i have also tried on 16.04 on my laptop which already has a network adapter (and using driver: iwlwifi). And on both system it is not working




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I solved the problem.

So I found out that my usb wifi adaptor has a product id: 0bda:f179 and that is why r8188eu driver was not working with it.
the correct driver for my adapter is rtl8188fu, which i found on https://github.com/kelebek333/rtl8188fu

And this is where i found the solution:

And thanks @alkion for your time and efforts.


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Thanks for posting that solution @rdilare ......I am quite sure that someone will find it after suffering the same frustration as yourself.

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