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    Kali Wifi driver issue

    Hi all, I am not new to linux, but I am very far away from saying I know what I am doing. I have recently bought a new laptop and installed the latest Kali distro on to it. After booting up there is no wireless icon in the top left of the screen and I was wondering if anyone could help me on...
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    Cannot connect to Wi-Fi on Kali Linux

    Hello! I am posting this thread because I am curious if anyone has experienced or is currently experiencing the same issue as I am. I downloaded the Kali Linux live USB image from Kali.org on my Intel MacBook Pro. I can browse the internet perfectly fine on my main operating system (macOS), so I...
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    Wireless not working in linux kali 5.10.0-kali8-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.10.40-1kali1

    So i installed this OS on my computer and connected to the internet using my wired connection which seems to be working fine. But as for password attacks and various attacks we need wifi adapter card as per my knowledge. I have TP- Link AC 1300 Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter Archer T4U . I cant...
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    Kali wifi adapter tp-link WN8200ND driver v1/monitor?

    I installed the compat drivers. I dont really want to be able to use it like monitor because i know its not possible, but at least i want to use it like normal wifi adapter. i run ipconfig : Then run iwconfig: Then lspci and got no network response: please help. At least after installing...