what distro

  1. Frank_Enshtein

    What distro the best ?

    My laptop preferences: 16.GB Ram DDR4, 256 SSD NVM2, Intel UHD 620, i5 8250U I used Debian,Ubuntu,Elementary,Solus,Fedora,Centos,OpenSuse,Parrot OS,Kali Linux and the like ... Please help me what linux distro i can use with desktop environment mate or kde for linux administration and for...
  2. D

    What is the best distro for me?

    Hello friends, i'm currently using Windows and i want change to Linux because i think my GPU can't stand the Windows OS. My school have a partnership with Microsoft and i have free acess to some paid Microsoft services and softwares like Office and i don't want to lose that privilege at all. I...
  3. M

    Anyone wanna help be pick the best option for me? :)

    Hello World! This post might be a tad long because I want to kind of explain my situation and what I'm looking for to try and find the closest thing to "ideal" for me... There will be a TL;DR at the end. First and foremost, I've been on and off of linux for a few years now, and I would have...