1. learntechtutorials

    How To Fix Sudo Command Not Found in Debian

    sudo command isn’t included in Debian by default. That’s why you get the error message saying “-bash: sudo: command not found”. In this article you can learn how to fix sudo command not found in Debian.
  2. B

    Security Implications of Giving Root Access to Group of Untrusted Users

    Hello all, Let's say that on a production system, a sysadmin configure /etc/sudoers with following entry: %teens ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL The entry above allows teens group (which is untrusted) to execute any commands with sudo. The sysadmin assumed that teens group knows what they are doing. Is...
  3. Rob

    Video: Add user to sudo using the visudo command

    You'll come across a time that you'll need to add a user to the sudoers file. This is done by using the visudo command as root. I created this video about a year ago - hopefully it will help someone out there.