1. F

    Cannot copy large amount of files from iMac to SAMBA

    Hello, a few days ago i installed a SAMBA server on Ubuntu Server. i created the user "copycat" both in linux and samba with "sudo adduser copycat" and "sudo smbpasswd -a copycat". then i added the user "copycat" to groups "sudo", "it-administration" and "qs-top-secret". when i connect my...
  2. Linux_Programmer

    systemd : started session xxx of user root Logs

    Hello, Systemd has been generating too many "Started session xxx of user root" logs when root user login to the system but there's no corresponding entry for every logout. Is this behavior expected ? Rgds, Linux Programmer (SM)
  3. C

    Hello there!

    I am Caloxeno, an new Linux Mint user from Argentina :) I joined because I am having a problem, and I am making a thread about it really soon (Maybe some minutes after writing this) I used to have Windows 10, but I decided to switch to Linux because my Windows worked really bad (It was my...