ubuntu 20.04 internet

  1. P

    Bad sound and mic quality on Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS

    This is my first time trying Ubuntu and after successful setup on my HP ENVY x360 Convertible 15-cp0xxx, 16gb ram. I realize my laptop sound quality changes, it doesn't have bass anymore. If I reduce the sound to like 50%, the sound output is very low. And with the microphone, whenever I do a...
  2. abrahimzaman360

    I've Issue with My Realtk Wifi Drivers (Fresh Ubuntu Installation)

    I've Installed Ubuntu (Kinetic Kudu) Last Night, But I'm Facing Strange Issues as in Fedora Before. My Wifi is Connected but Internet Get Disconnected After a While. what to do. Hardware: Realtk Semi-Conductor rtl8822ce Thanks
  3. jeremyy44

    Internet stops working after some time

    Hi, So recently I have been getting some problems with my server's internet. So my server is on Ubuntu Server 20.04 and whats been happening is that my internet will be fine and working for a while like for exemple it has been working fine for the past week but all of a suden with no good...
  4. R

    Wifi problem in ubuntu

    I just installed Ubuntu 20.04 onto my 10 year old laptop , so first worked perfectly fine , i was very pleased, but then say 5 minutes after connecting my wifi (my mobile hotspot) i was getting problem with the wifi first it started showing the "?" on the wifi symbol and it when i tried...
  5. jeremyy44

    Mysql error!

    Hi I keep getting this error while trying to either configure or even remove mysql-server-8.0 and cant seem to find anything online to help. Even when I do 'sudo apt autoremove -y' I keep getting this error nothing seems to work. Setting up mysql-server-8.0 (8.0.22-0ubuntu0.20.04.3) ... Failed...
  6. C

    Wifi keeps disconnecting

    So this one's definitely not right. When I boot my pc, everything works fine for a bit then the wifi dies when everything else connected to the network works fine and when I go into settings, it says I'm connected but the wifi icon has a ? in it and I can't do anything. My radio on my board is...
  7. P

    Problem in upgrade and install anyone

    Hello, I`m a beginer in linux, I use Ubuntu Server 20.04 - this is my first distribution. For cup of day I have a problem when I need to upgrade or install anyone. I have a answer: apt-get upgrade: "pkg: error processing package linux-image-5.4.0-47-generic (--remove): installed...
  8. B

    No INTERNET after latest 20.04 updates

    Hello, No INTERNET after latest Ubuntu 20.04 updates (this week). All other networking is fine. (Can see servers, workstations etc.) All settings the same. Running off of the USB stick for this post. (obviously internet works) Created a new user... no joy. Reboot... no joy. Home built quad...