1. D

    Distributing Copies of Riced Distros

    Because we all like to include features that didn't originally come with a distro, especially distros that are very basic by design, I'm wondering if its possible to create and distribute copies of riced distros? While it is true that each user configures their distro to their own liking, you...
  2. super_user_do

    Please, add a Dark Mode

    Hello everybody :) Sorry if I'm posting this thread in the wrong section but please hear me out I love this forum but there is a significant issue regarding the theme: there is no dark mode, which is a pain for my eyes (and I guess for some of you as well). Admins please, if you read this...
  3. Adithyansm

    Best dark theme for Xfce

    Hello everyone,:) I use Linux because it gives me the freedom to do anything and my main priority is customization. Customize the desktop the way you want and "sweet" was my favorite theme from the beginning But now I...
  4. computerzoo

    Looking for good 3d icon themes and system themes

    I'm looking for some good 3d icon and system themes, especially for GNOME if possible. When I mean 3d, I mean in the sort of stuff like old school MacOS interface system icons or WIndows Vista. Things that have some depth, shadows and and colorful. Examples:
  5. superboy2k6

    Create custom themes for the xfce environment?

    Hey, I was wondering if it was possible to create a custom themes using 48 * 48 pixel png images as icons. I don't know how to CREATE a theme. I don't find any answer to that in the internet. I will continue to create the theme icons only if I get a confirmation answer. It's ok to just modify...