1. Freepoorman

    I installed Linux Mint XFCE on my sister's laptop.

    My sister's laptop was running very slow. It has an i5 CPU and 8gb RAM, but still has an HDD as the boot drive. After seeing how fast my (similar spec) laptop is running Xubuntu, she asked if I could install Linux but keep it as user-friendly as possible for her. She's only ever used Windows, so...
  2. U

    Which linux distro to choose?

    Hello, I've been thinking about moving from Windows 10 to Linux. I'm completely new to Linux and never used it. Now I'm looking for a few recommendations. It should be perfect for gaming and customization should be possible. I would want it to look exactly like Windows 7. Just like this: If...
  3. super_user_do

    Please, add a Dark Mode

    Hello everybody :) Sorry if I'm posting this thread in the wrong section but please hear me out I love this forum but there is a significant issue regarding the theme: there is no dark mode, which is a pain for my eyes (and I guess for some of you as well). Admins please, if you read this...