1. T

    Generate html mail in bash to use with mail

    Hi, I created a simple script in which a certain information is send via mail like this: printf "Dear $i, please enable 2fa on $site.\n\n Your inital code: \n $code \n\n\n For detailed instructions visit:\n \n\n You must...
  2. I

    Shell or bash script to open multiple URLs saved in a .TXT file in a browser from the terminal?

    Is there a shell or bash script to open multiple URLs saved in a .TXT file in a browser from the terminal? I know that can be done with "firefox $(cat url.txt)", but: I need something that saves me time by opening tabs of a maximum of 10 to 10 urls (because of RAM) from a list of 100 urls or...
  3. ghosty999

    Create a Simple GUI To Run Scripts From?

    This is probably another n00b question.... but I'm setting up a few Linux systems for non-techy users. I'd like them to have a GUI app with 3 buttons that runs different .sh files/scripts. I've had a look at Gnome Builder etc and seems too involved for what I need. I like some of the PiApps GUI...
  4. B

    Script to move files from one host to another

    Hey guys could you help me with a script ? I need to create a script to move files 1 and 2 from host A to host B daily, and it needs to be automatically. How that script should be done ? Thank you.
  5. S

    PAM script login / disk formatting

    Hello to all ! I'm coming to you for help with a personal project In a few words : When opening the Ubuntu session I would like a script to be activated when a user enters a wrong password The script should run for example after the 3rd try and if the 3rd try is wrong, a partition or...
  6. C

    Search for "letters" in a file

    Hello guys, i had a file called temperature.log inside this file there are only numbers (another script write numbers into that file) Sometimes the script runs into an error. At this point the script write letters in this log-file. i need a command (maybe an if statement) to check if there are...
  7. N

    zget a wget but with a GUI

    Hey Guys! i made a wget with gui You need: zenity and wget Installation: $ wget $ chmod +x zgetBuild $ ./zgetBuild Usage: $ zget
  8. N

    an app store via command line

    Hey everyone i made a cli app store with appimages and deb packages (my focus is appimages) you cant get that using this commands $ wget (if you preffer download shstoreBuild from $ chmod +x shstoreBuild $ ./shstoreBuild im...
  9. mobulos

    SinusBot Multiscript

    Hey guys, I just want to show you my SinusBot Script. With this Script, you can install 30 SinusBots at the moment (No limit after inquiry). The script is in German, but I'll do an English Version when there is enough demand. You can run the Script via Or have a look at my GitHub I'm working...
  10. hal_sk

    [Solved] Script does not run after reboot (systemd)

    Hello, I have simple script /usr/local/bin/ #!/bin/bash echo $(date) >> /home/hal/Desktop/log Then I have this service file: /etc/systemd/system/test.service [Unit] Description=Test service [Service] ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/ [Install] Then I run...
  11. S

    Seeking advice to write a linux script

    Hi all, I need to write a script running following commands on browser checking my websites; https://transparencyreport (dot) (dot) com https://transparencyreport (dot) (dot) com...
  12. T

    How do I auto-run a script when I change User?

    Mint 20.04, Ryzen 5-4500: Hi, I am developing (Lazarus-FPC) some bespoke internal+external email-software for my Son's business and I need to isolate it from the Internet while testing. I have created a Standard-User "Test" to work there and I need it to crash at "no Internet" to handle errors...
  13. D

    Sensible way to manage sudo commands from script?

    Hey guys! I have a script: ~/.local/bin/did-keyboard to manage the loading of xkeysnail with my specific configurations. I normally run it as did-xkeysnail --load, and it asks me for my sudo password since I have multiple sudo commands in there: sudo kill ..., sudo nohup xkeysnail... (since...
  14. D


    Hello, I use a dummy script at '/bin/rdshft.bash' for a single shot applying of 'redshift' command with its options, the content of the command 'rdshft.bash' is: #!/bin/bash redshift -v -P -l 28.00:78.00 -t 3200:2400 So, yesterday I decided to add the 'rdshft.bash' to the crontab for automatic...
  15. M

    Log new directories (created in a certain place) in a file

    Hi all! I need to do the following: Monitor a certain directory (for example, /media/server/ ) for new directories being created. If a new directory is created, it should be written in a log file. The goal is to create a system (using cron), which periodically checks whether new directories...
  16. J

    Shell Script

    I need to create a variable script that uses the "find" utility to search the home directory for files. Example; (./ data) The search also needs to be case-insensitive. The results should look like what is in the attachment.
  17. J

    Linux Script Command Help

    I need the correct commands for "adding a blank line after my previous commands output" and "displaying a message on screen indicating the script is done running. For adding a blank line I've tried "echo" after the command but it doesn't work.
  18. J

    Linux Shell Scripting Command

    I am having a problem getting the correct command to work with a shell script for the following. I need to save the text, "Logging Info:" with the current date and time to my file "logs.backup" inside my "LOGS" directory. Can anyone provide help with the correct command for this?
  19. B

    Linux Project

    Hello, I have a personal project that includes some ideas of using Oracle VM, monitoring and some network commands. So far, I have two VMs that can communicate with eachother, I made a database using mysql on one of the VMs and on the other I want to access and see the database on a web server...
  20. Tolkem

    Can you give some ideas on how to improve script?

    Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a nice life! :) So, I took over practicing/learning bash scripting (once again :D). I'm not very good at it and my knowledge is very basic. Last year I wrote a script to practice the use of if statements if something_happens then do this else do this what...