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    problems with Ubuntu

    Today I installed Ubuntu for the first time, before this Windows user, after installation, the desktop does not load, but this window appears, what should I do?
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    Crashed Ubuntu

    Hi there. My problem is the following. My Ubuntu version is 20.04. I installed the program Lutris and found a game to run. I downloaded the and try to start it and then my PC crashed. Since then I rebooted again and again and nothing changed its not gonna back to Ubuntu again. Mostly black...
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    USB Wireless gaming headset only works as a mic, when i connect it with wire it works fine

    So I recently bought a pair of steelseries Arctis 1 Wireless headphones and when i connect them to my laptop, the mic works but the speakers stay silent. I connected it to my nintendo switch and the audio works fine. The headphones aren't detected as speakers by the system at all, I tried...
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    Problems with Installing Linux.

    Hey, I have a laptop that is Acer Aspire V5-431 and I want to install Linux in it but I'm having problems while installing it. I have tried two distro's till now which are Linux Mint XFCE and Zorin OS Core. It gives me an error like this [[^6~ there are multiple lines of this and then nothing...
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    Ubuntu 18.04LTS full - chaos! a lot of customization problem even fr a fresh installation

    hii, i am kind of new ubuntu user, not that new, i know and have used many terminal commands.. but when i comes with customization of newly installed ubuntu, i am really hopeless.. i have in 2 months broke 3 fresh ubuntu 18.04lts installation.. the last one, i have made a 4 partitions for...
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    Paid Linux on Apple computers

    I bought my first ever non-windows pc, MacBook Pro and I bought it because I wanted to get rid of Windows. Every PC I had had viruses, troyans, malware and even once I got the ransomware where I should've paid money to ''police'' and the last thing was some malware which stole my passwords...