Paid Linux on Apple computers


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Sep 22, 2019
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I bought my first ever non-windows pc, MacBook Pro and I bought it because I wanted to get rid of Windows. Every PC I had had viruses, troyans, malware and even once I got the ransomware where I should've paid money to ''police'' and the last thing was some malware which stole my passwords (Zemana kills it, great tool) I need portable laptop for my faculty. I have iPad and I choosed Apple to be my computer which is light, thin and powerbest.

Here is what happened. I set up my Macbook and I saw that MacOS is Linux. Does Apple charge Linux? I know for Linux as I spend a lot of time using technology and I even know it is turbo safe so they can't scam me like they can scam person who only used Wins.

I mean it's ok, Catalina (beta) is super but I don't like a thing Apple charges me their MacOS Linux as the basic Linux is free and I could buy some Windows pc and dualboot it (I need Office so I can't get rid of Wins 100% unfortunately) and I have Linux.

I meant Apple has it's own software like iPad OS I am using and it is unique and Catalina is like Ubuntu, better for some things but like 80% the same so should I buy some cheaper windows pc and put the Linux on it? I paid a lot of money and I feel like a fool. People use Linux because it's free and I pay Apple Linux.

P.S: I just wanted to avoid Windows because of updates, errors, ransomware and I need a portable PC for faculty. iPad is such a great device and I tought I will have iOS based PC not Linux based as then I would buy thin laptop and have free Ubuntu or Mint on it.


macOS is a Unix based system the difference is they (Apple) controls everything that is allowed or used on the system, and they build the computers to work specially with the os.
Thank you for letting me know. It's a great device for business and fast things done I see.

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