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    Pop!_Os theme color

    I have been using Pop!_Os for some time now and have changed a lot about how it looks. Everything is turned purple, the only thing I haven't figured out how to change is this blue color that everything is that you select. Does anyone know how to turn this blue into purple and can explain it in a...
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    Error loading EFI + "installing Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS failed, possibly due to a hardware error" + Duel boot

    I'm a complete noob with everything here, please help! I have duel booted windows 10 and Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS (NVIDIA) a week ago and everything was doing great, until out of nowhere while trying to go from windows to pop_os by restarting, i got this error, although i only got it once (pic1-Error...
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    [SOLVED] Can't get usb WiFi adapter to work. (Pop os)

    Hello, I've wasted too many hours on this and decided to make a post. Sorry for the images, I'm writing this on a phone! And I'm using Pop os on the last version that was available in the download page (NVIDIA). I was able to download the driver however the installation had some errors. I...
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    Terminal commands for deleting steam flatpack? (Solus and Pop_Os)

    I'm trying to get steam to recognize my HDD - I have a separate drive to store steam game downloads - but it sounds like I have to delete the steam flatpack to do so. Does anyone know the terminal commands for that? I need them for both Solus and Pop.
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    Is there any program for me to choose the gpu?

    Hello everyone i am using popos and planing to get an another distro so is there any programs that i can choose my gpu easily?
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    I Want to Learn About New Distros

    Hello everyone i am currently using popos and it is really great in general but i want to try some new distros out there and my question is is there any other distros that is easy to change the gpu just like in the popos ? Thanks for your comments ...
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    Pop_OS! Driver issues

    Hoping someone can help me, today I installed Pop_OS! 22.04 LTS on my Gateway GWTC116-2 and the install went great but I am having 2 major problems from startup. In the settings it is saying "No wifi adapter found" and my computer won't connect to wifi. The specific wifi module is an RTL8189ES...
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    How to Install Pop!_OS with RAID 1?

    I am RAIDing due to the desire to avoid as I can single point failures in my system. I know the RAID is not a true backup, that it halves the available memory, that it doubles overall wear and tear, and it negatively affects performance a bit. Nevertheless my decision is to RAID, so please avoid...