partition extend

  1. Q

    All primary partitions are in use

    Hi all, I have a problem on a ubuntu 16.04.3 when I try to add spaces to my disks. I add 10 Gb to my Virtual Machine and when I do cfdisk I can see Free space 262144000 283115519 20971520 10G But when I try to select New it says Can you help me I know a little linux but that is out of my...
  2. R

    [Solved] Can I delete this Unknown file type partition, 1MB Size on my HDD?

    Hi, I want to resize my root partition so that it would be a bit larger but this Unknown file type is in between the unallocated space and the root partition, I was wondering if i should delete it or does it play a part in booting? My grub is installed in another HDD where windows is present...
  3. H

    How do I extend my Linux partition size?

    So I'm dual booting Mint and Windows 10, and initially I gave my Linux partition 100GB of space, but now I kind of used it all and I started searching online to see if I could just extend it by shrinking my Windows partition and just adding the extra space, but apparently that breaks everything...
  4. L

    How to extend a volumegroup without reboot

    Hello Linux community I will write this in english to get more requests. I have a big problem. One of our customers wanted to extend the harddisk for his server. This was extended a lot of times but one of our colleagues did this before. I never In VMWare Vsphere i have extended the storage...
  5. Chris Rachal

    Resize partition for more room for linux

    So I partitioned my hard drive for 29gb, bit I didn't realize I would like linux that much. I tried to resize my partitioned bit the extend volume is greyed out. Any ideas how to extend the partition?