network driver

  1. N

    rtl88x2ce driver installed twice wlan0 and wlan1. I wanna remove one

    Please I'm having a lot of trouble with wifi driver. My pc is dual booted with parrot os and windows 11. I'm having trouble with the wifi driver. The net gets to 0kbps after 2-3 min for 20 secs. Facing a lot of problem during video calls. Please help me!! It's really frustrating...
  2. avanturismo

    Very new to Linux

    Hello everyone, I just unpacked my new desktop computer with pre installed linux ubuntu However I just realized that I do not have network adapter to connect to Wi-Fi, so I bought external wireless adapter "D-Link DWA-172" I just plugged in to usb port, expected that that will work automatically...
  3. J

    Generic Chromebook Issues

    Hi everyrone, This probably could have been made into seperate posts, however I believe the issues are at least somewhat similar in type as well as skill level. The first problem I have with my Acer Chromebook running Linux Lite (however I had the same issues with GalliumOS), is that after using...
  4. T

    Ethernet not working, since updating and rebooting

    Suddenly my ethernet stopped working, i didn't touch anything, just updated, upgraded and rebooted, the cable is ok i tested it on my pc and the ethernet works, also ethtool says the link is up and detected, i have no idea what's the problem?, any help, also set static ip 2 weeks ago worked fine...
  5. M

    Which NIC's are capable of receiving incorrect/corrupt frames?

    Hello everyone, I am working on a project which requires me to capture packets that don't pass the CRC 32 check. I did some digging and came across ethtool utility, using which we can change ethernet device parameters. To allow the capture of packets, which do not pass the CRC 32 I need to use...
  6. S

    Tp Link wn781nd not working in linux

    I bought a tp link wn781nd ver:3.20 WiFi card to give an upgrade to my old desktop computer. I use kubuntu in this computer but the WiFi doesn't work. When I boot up the computer the WiFi scans appears but disappears after few seconds and never comes back and I am not able to connect to the WiFi...
  7. M

    My phone can't connect with pc

    Hello, i have kali linux latest version, i connect always my phone with pc to share network, today i have connected my phone to pc but it charge only, kali show my phone 2 seconds and not show the phone after this, i have tryed another phone, the same thing, i want fix the problem, but i don't...
  8. J

    no network devices available

    i have installed kali in dual boot with windows 10 on hp envy 15 x360 convertible, but i can't use wifi and every time i try i can't see wifi connections around me just a "no network devices available" my computer doesn't have ethernet port
  9. G

    Suport for Network

    Someone can me answer Whay the Kali 2020 no have Intel network drive?
  10. C

    Mysterious Non-existent Network Adapter

    Hi all, Still relatively new to Linux so please be gentle. I recently bought (what I thought was) and Intel Compute Stick and was planning on turning into a mobile HTPC and retro gaming device. It originally came with Windows 10 and all was well. I thought it might be a good opportunity to...
  11. D

    Installing Network Driver (WIFI) on Ubuntu 16.04.6

    Hi all, nice to meet you. I have absolutely no idea about Linux but I am trying to fix something on our Workstation, which runs Ubuntu. I have never used Linux so I would appreciate if we can keep the language noob-friendly :) So basically I am trying to install Wifi Dongles on Ubuntu but I am...