mounting disk

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    Script for enabling and disabling USB auto-mount

    Hi All I'm working on a system that will have USB auto mounting disabled most of the time. In some cases we'd like to enable it for specific user in the background. How can I script the enable and disable of the USB auto-mount functionality in Suse? James S.
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    Error while mounting external HD

    Hello! I have been using Fedora for a long time, with no problems at all. However, today I plugged my external HD to save some files, and got an error message. The HD worked without issues for a long time, don’t know what happened. Any help would be appreciated!
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    Create loop device

    I have a little problems with install software like losetup used to create device loop bacause I must mount img file certanly with RPi version with nographic. I've tried apt-get update / upgrade command but nothing from this doen't work. However find some good repository with this tolls isn't...
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    Installing storage hd

    Hello, there! Just yesterday, I installed Ubuntu MATE, and have spent the last 15 hours configuring my system. I'm having a lot of fun doing it, even though it's actually a bit difficult. Linux doesn't hand you all the information you need, but it's amazing how just a few quick searches can get...