1. J

    Im thinking about creating a Minecraft Server hosting distro for kids and hobbyists for Raspberry Pi

    Please bear with me through this explanation. Yes, I know how hard it is to create and maintain a distro so you don't have to write that comment. I like to play Minecraft and I have been playing it since I was a kid. With time I started hosting my own Minecraft servers (if ur not familiar with...
  2. K

    Minecraft Not Working On Pop!_OS

    I have a Laptop with pop!_OS installed. I used to run UBUNTU and I was able to play Minecraft without any problems at all. But Now after I install Pop!_OS The game starts and runs in low render distance, but as soon as I turn up the render distance the game freezes for a few seconds and the...
  3. C

    minecraft-launcher localisation issues

    Hey everyone, I have been having trying to install Minecraft on Linux since I switched my distribution over to FerenOS. However, starting the launcher sees it load for a few seconds before crashing before the application shows up on my screen. Looking through launcher_log.txt. I discovered...
  4. $

    I am wondering how to get minecraft on chrome

    Could someone please comment how to get minecraft on chrome using linux or not :)
  5. L

    Setting up a minecraft server on CentOS 8, I am a complete noob

    So I have been trying to set up a dedicated minecraft server on an old laptop of mine. I figured I should use linux for the better performance and settled on CentOS 8. I got the minecraft server files downloaded and running, but ran into problems connecting to the server. I originally posted...
  6. P

    Entering terminal commands with another terminal or a programm

    I want to try setting up a linux server that should host a minecraft server, now the console from the minecraft server is very important (in and output), so how could i get the in/output to another terminal window (like typing "send commandXYZ to minecraftConsole")? Is it maybe possible to do...
  7. blackneos940

    Help With OpenJDK and Minecraft?..... :3 Part II, Revenge of the Error..... :3

    So I can confirm that this issue is oddly mostly specific, both to the X205TA, and in particular, Lubuntu, and not on Windows 8 or 10, which were previously on this Device..... :) Basically, I'm having trouble loading (but not installing) both Optifine 1.12, AND Forge 1.12 Clients on...
  8. blackneos940

    Help With Minecraft And OpenJDK.....? :3

    Hello everyone!..... :3 Today I come to you with a new problem!..... :3 So this involves Minecraft, my ASUS X205TA, and OpenJDK!..... :3 I have the latest version installed, according to java --version and apt-get 's autocomplete thing..... :3 When I start Minecraft, the Launcher...