1. D

    Microphone not recording input

    Hi, I am new to linux and i recently installed parrot home. When i record my screen, the sound from the microphone is some scratchy, crackling sound. The output audio works though. And i have changed the alsa config, and installed pavucontrol. This is the output when i run alsamixer:
  2. B

    USB mic not working :(

    Hello everyone, Im using Kali as my operating system. Im having trouble with my microphone. My Jack 3.5mm microphone from my headset is working fine but my USB mic is showing but I cant manage to make it work. I tried everything. Please help me with that.
  3. A

    MIc issue; Noise; No Headset Input

    Hey guys! I'm facing this problem from quite a lot of time, this is not a pop os specific issue but if anyone could help me, it would mean a lot! So the issue is.. My internal microphone causes disturbance. For ex i was on a zoom meet so the other person told me that your voice is not clear or...
  4. P

    Ubuntu 20.04 fresh install microphone not working

    Hey guys, My microphone is not working. I know it's fine since it works on another OS. I posted a question here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1243768/ubuntu-20-04-microphone-not-working
  5. innacc

    I need my mic to sound horrible

    Hello this is kinda a joke but I need my mic to sound as trash as possible for online school classes. I was thinking boost the volume up a ton to make the quality horrible and then boosting the volume down in another program to not make it too loud but still retain the bad quality. I was just...
  6. J

    Microphone noise, outgoing sound embeded in microphone sound

    Hello everyone ! I've been working on an audio problem for days and I would welcome some help on the matter. First, here is the involved hardware : Gigabyte Aorus B450 Pro (so AMD motherboard with ACL1220 codec, labeled ALC1220-VB on the manufacturer's website) Here is my OS : Linux...
  7. blackneos940

    Help With Getting Laptop Mic To Work :3

    The Laptop in question is an HP 15-bs212wm, and the Mic works fine under Windows..... :\ Anywho, here's the output of lspci: hp-laptop-15-bs212wm description: Notebook product: HP Laptop 15-bs2xx (3TT16UA#ABA) vendor: HP version: Type1ProductConfigId serial: CND815512F...