1. bungee1980

    MariaDB / MySQL setup in TinyCore

    Does anyone know how to setup MariaDB-10.6 in Tiny Core 13? There are other related questions online, but nothing very clear. some of them assume that you already have the server started and are dealing with different issues. I know it's possible because i did it by accident after 10 hours of...
  2. P

    Mysql or Mariadb. 2 node Replication / Cluster

    We have moved to working from home, and our CRM solutions is a LAMP application and we want to provide an HA environment. (We are currently running on a single server using a VPN to access it. ) I have set up the following environment as a Lab and all works really well until one site loses...
  3. E


    Good day, I am trying to run the following command but it does not seem to work. [root@ ]# mysql -pPassword asteriskcdrdb -s -b -e "select 'Account ID','Destination','Operator','Provider','Date','BillSec','Rate id','Cost' UNION select...