MariaDB / MySQL setup in TinyCore


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May 31, 2023
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Does anyone know how to setup MariaDB-10.6 in Tiny Core 13?

There are other related questions online, but nothing very clear. some of them assume that you already have the server started and are dealing with different issues. I know it's possible because i did it by accident after 10 hours of screwing around but lost it on reboot. (cries). And a comment on another forum said the same thing. and lots of people struggle. Also, the original compiler (either andyj or Juanito i think) left a comment that he doesn't really care because he only compiles it for testing some of his stuff. So we are kind of stuck until i learn how to compile it myself.

on a very old machine i booted a very old tinycore 3.8.4 that comes with like mysql 4 and php 5 (or thereabouts). The mysql server starts on load. Genius. Piece of cake. It works but it sucks because
it doesn't recognize newer, common collations like UTF8mb4. In order to import a database from a newer MySQL i have to use sed to replace every UTF8mb4 with UTF8 in the .sql file LOL. It works but i'd like to use a current version along with current php obviously as well as understand wtf I'm doing. And now that i've booted tiny core onto some more modern computers, i'd like to set things up with a database or two.

but getting this thing to start is torture. I'm not looking for code necessarily. I'm hoping someone here has succeeded in this dubious task and can give a breakdown of what it is I need to accomplish. What are the mechanics that i'm trying to acheive? The thing has so many errors i'm not even going to post them. there are library issues, connection issues, file missing issues, readonly file system issues. I've reinstalled it several times and it's not a bad download. I would throw up my hands and just say its a shite extension but like i wrote earlier, i had it working for a minute.

Say i have a fresh boot with no restore of the latest tinycore. wtf do i do to get MariaDB up and running on it?
my guess is that it has something to do with the tcloop dir? maybe? and linking certain /lib files to a different name so that MySQL can find them? possibly?
those are some of the things i was trying when i got it to work by accident.

The info is a few years old, but might get you pointed in the right direction
might get you pointed in the right direction
Lord Boltar, thanks for the reply. i definitely have come across that article in trying to get this to work. the problem is that he talks about moving a data file that (i think) is only created once mysql is started. so its a catch22. hoping to find someone that actually has Mariadb / mysql running on tinycore and can explain the process. I'm pretty sure i've exhausted what comes up in an internet search.

That article is also from 2015 and last edited in 2018, so. I emailed the author Will Haley but it is a long shot. Wish tinycore forum would take new registrations...
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