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    Baobab (Disk Usage Analyzer) not fully showing usage?

    Here's the output of Baobab. It shows that I have 750 GB total. But when I press on it I could only find 566.7 GB. Where is the rest of the 124 GB? Why is it not showing? pegasus@pegasus:~$ df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on tmpfs 1.6G 3.9M 1.5G 1% /run...
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    Video server, only folder with video files for recording on HDD, everything else on the SSD

    Hi Guys, I have Ubuntu Linux 18.04.6 LTS. On server is one SSD 80GB i one HDD 4 TB. By this manual I had add HDD on server On SSD is Linux, and there is installed softver for video server. This video...
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    Questions on managing storage in Linux?

    This weekend I ventured into the world of Linux for the first time and am a little confused to say the least. I completed a 13 hours online course and have spent another 10 hours or so reading articles, watching videos and pouring through tutorials. I have have learned a lot in a short time and...