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Video server, only folder with video files for recording on HDD, everything else on the SSD


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Mar 14, 2022
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Hi Guys,

I have Ubuntu Linux 18.04.6 LTS.

On server is one SSD 80GB i one HDD 4 TB.

By this manual I had add HDD on server https://www.tecklyfe.com/how-to-partition-format-and-mount-a-disk-on-ubuntu-20-04/

On SSD is Linux, and there is installed softver for video server.

This video server now recording live video streams on SSD.

Becouse of performace I want only folder where is recorded videos to have on HDD. I want to home folder and installed app keep to SSD.

I will can Home folder with app move to HDD, but I want to avoid this. I want keep to all on SSD, only folder with video files for recording on HDD.

Please could you help me, is it posible?

Best regards

Can't the software you're using to record video store data in a custom location? Just make a directory on the HDD and change the software's settings to store video there.

Thank you very much for join thread.

A name of this software is Xtream-ui, this is IPTV server.

This software can recording files on remote server UI Load Balancer, and this works.

On second load balancer server is also HDD and SSD. I setup Linux Home path on HHD, just is linux is on SSD. And recording works on HDD, but I want also UI Load Balancer to have on SSD, just folder for recording on HDD.

But Xtream-ui can't change the software's settings for default recording folder path. Path with recorded files is hardcoded /home/xtreamcodes/iptv_xtream_codes/tv_archive.

I atached image with setup on Xtream-ui


Best regards
Hmm... This is out of my wheelhouse because I never use it. Hopefully someone will chime in that's more familiar than I - but I have an idea that may work.

You could possible remove the directory the videos are being saved to and replace it with a soft link to a directory elsewhere on the system. The tool for that is 'ln' and 'man ln' might help.
Thank you for the suggestion, I will try a soft link.

If I doesn't found solution, I will setup home folder on HDD.


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