1. tinfoil-hat

    Solved Pleroma doesn't listen on any port

    Hi, I installed Pleroma on a LXC Container inside a Proxmox VPS. I installed it on Debian using these instructions: https://docs-develop.pleroma.social/backend/installation/debian_based_en/ I want to run it inside the LXC and connect to it via nginx reverse proxy on Proxmox host, which is...
  2. tinfoil-hat

    Hi there, I want to introduce myself :-)

    I transitionated to a tinfoil-hat, because of 3 reasons 1) my Paranoid / Cyberpunk / Free-Software - Computing 2) my way to support Free-Speech when it comes to Software 3) I am a diagnosed with Paranoid / Schizoaffective Psychosis My Homepage is https://tinfoil-hat.net For the ones that want...
  3. D

    How-to setup a LXC/LXD container for browsing Internet through 'firefox' with 'xpra'?

    Hello, May I ask that: How-to setup a seperate lxc/lxd container for browsing internet through 'firefox', but instead of routing it through the standard 'xorg', using 'xpra'(or the Apache Guacamole). I read at several locations/sites on internet about 'docker'+'xorg' or 'lxc'/'lxd'+'xorg', but...