1. F

    How can I change `~/.face` file for an account in Lubuntu? I want a picture for each user.

    I don't want to edit a PNG file (200 x 200 px) in Gimp or other program. Is there a facility in Lubuntu (not another Ubuntu flavor) where I can change information for my account, which could also let me change the log-in image (~/.face)? Thank you.
  2. T

    Dell latitude xt mouse buttons not working *please help

    having issues with linux on my latitude xt where the buttons below the touchpad dont work, but the buttons above do (has similar trackstick setup to thinkpads) im able to use the mouse this way just fine but its just annoying not being able to use the full function of the laptop, and not having...
  3. L

    how to change language libre office[SOLVED]?

    hi I have lubuntu 21.1 installed and I want to change english to german in libre office? when I go to libre office-tools-options-language settings-languages I can see User interface and in the dropdown menu there is only english. is it possible to add german?
  4. I

    Cloned Lubuntu 18.04 VM - can't edit network connections after changing IP address

    I cloned a Lubuntu 18.04 VM (running on ESXi). When I booted the cloned copy I edited the network connections (using the network menu in the lower right corner of the screen) and changed the IPV4 IP address so as not to clash with the original VM, then rebooted. Now I am unable to edit the...
  5. D

    what 64 bit OS to choose on this computer

    Hi, I need a 64 bit version OS. I tried with windows 10 64 and it doesn't work. Windows 10 x32 works fine. PC specifications Processor - Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU 3.00GHz 3.01GHz RAM - 4GB (3.25 usable) was 3gb but 1gb was added 32-bit operating system, x64 based processor Video card i thinks is...
  6. Linuxembourg

    Problem connecting to a specific WIFI connection (SOLVED)

    I was at my friends house yesterday and I had a strange issue where I couldn't connect to his WIFI. I am unsure how to research the problem. Back home, I am able to connect again. It didn't connect at all yesterday at my friends. It just said "connection lost" when I tried to connect. I...
  7. I

    Run script after successful wireless connection

    I need a way to run a script when a successful wireless connection is made. I'm using Lubuntu 16.04 (although I've attempted this on Lubuntu and Ubuntu 18.04 with no success.) My script is pretty simple: #!/bin/bash xtightvncviewer Whenever computer A starts up and successfully...
  8. N

    I cant connect to wifi on Lubuntu 18.10, no networks show up.

    Hi there. I have a notebook vaio, follow the setup: $ sudo lshw description: Notebook product: VPCYB13KX (N/A) vendor: Sony Corporation version: C9007WHX serial: 27539737-3000267 width: 32 bits capabilities: smbios-2.7 dmi-2.7 smp-1.4 smp configuration...
  9. R

    Linux distro for very small pc

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a lubuntu flavour for my very tiny pc. Current specs are. American Megatrend pc. It's running a vortex A9130 processor at 933MHz. The ram is 992 mb 366MHz. Main Storage is Kingston 32Gig MicroSD Any idea what I should try? The latest version is not compatible with...
  10. R

    Booting from grub

    Hi guys. As just a newby I actually have an advanced problem. I started by downloading lubuntu-16.04.2-desktop-i386.iso The system I intend to use is quite old and small. Using woeusb I created a bootable USB. When I boot from USB on my older PC I get "GNU GRUB version 2.02~beta3-5+deb9u1...
  11. Alboy1975

    Lubuntu, unable to add repositaries

    Hi, new the linux, using lubuntu on laptop. I know this forum is for 'full fat' ubuntu, but I'm hoping that someone here might be able to help me. Every time i try adding a repositary i receive the following: I get similar output whatever repo i try to add. There are youtube videos on how...
  12. A

    Help with Linux installation.

    Hello, I have a problem, currently, I tried install Lubuntu or Zorin Lite in a Netbook Dell Inspiron MIni with Windows 7, but I can't install neither Lubuntu nor Zorin, when I tried install Lubuntu, the installation screen load and stop then not load anymore. If I tried install Zorin Lite, load...
  13. blackneos940

    Upgrading to Lubuntu 18.04!!..... :3

    So apparently, all the spammers come out at around 12:00 A.M. EST, which coincides with all the weirdos I meet at the local gas station at night, sometimes whilst guzzling Diet Mountain Dew while there..... :\ On a related topic, I'm upgrading to Lubuntu 18.04!..... :3 And, I'm using...
  14. D

    lubuntu 16.10 won't recognize wifi, hardwired internet not available

    I just installed lubuntu 16.10, replacing the previous Ubuntu 16.04 installation (which in turn replaced Windows XP). I'm running a Gateway MA3 with an AMD Turion 64 CPU @ 2GHz, and 1GB of DDR2 RAM. My NIC is a Broadcom BCM 4311 802.11b/g WLAN (14e4:4311). With my previous Ubuntu installation...