low space

  1. F

    LowDisc space on "Filesystem root"

    Hello :) I got this message for a long time now, and i ignored it until now :rolleyes: I tried to resize the root partition with "cfdisk" by cutting some of my other partition and giving to the root, but it didnt work.. I'v added the output of "df -h", and the "cfdisk" for both of my disks. i...
  2. A

    Ubuntu - Hard disk fills up for no reason

    I have a problem with Ubuntu and I noticed that my hard disk indicates that it is almost completely full, but when I check the files, I should have plenty of storage space left over. I ran the command df -h and this is the result of one of the partitions. Filesystem Size Used Avail Use%...
  3. P

    Lots of space is being taken

    Hey guys i have been having this problem for a few days now. Basically whenever i start my laptop it shows a mssg that i have very low space left in filesystem root. And when i play my game it automatically quits saying low space. Edit: I have already done most of the methods u guys have...
  4. S

    What is /snap/gtk-common-themes/1514 ; /snap/gnome-3-28-1804/145;

    Hi I am using ubuntu 18.04 on vps. I just run some script from my ubuntu terminal. Why ami I seeing something related to gnome??Is there any thing unnecessary I am running?? (I am new to linux)
  5. S

    Low disk space on “Filesystem root” 500 megabytes disk remaining

    Hello everyone, I am struggling against disk space, regarding root location. Seems like I have reached almost 100% usage, and cannot find a way to regain space. Though, I have installed ubuntu 20.04 just 14 days ago and assigned 20gb of root space. When I do df -h, it gives following...
  6. mizzi_k

    What Debian Is Best Option For Beginners In 2020!!!

    Actually ! I Am Using Ubuntu,Kali,Zorin And PARROT OS On Different Computers. Actually The Best Alternative For Kali Linux Is Parrot Os. And Its Kinda Amazing Now In 2020. The GUI Is Amazing, And The Applications Management Is Great. The Problems Within The Terminal Like Snap Or Apt And Other...
  7. L

    Low disk space on “Filesystem root”, partitans & .Private Used

    Months ago I created partitions, installed Mint, fiddled with the partitans more and had issues such as: having a small partition which I couldn't shrink or move into another because of proximity, some how I set up encryption, when logging into the original solo boot of Windows I elected to...