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Jul 11, 2022
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Hey guys i have been having this problem for a few days now. Basically whenever i start my laptop it shows a mssg that i have very low space left in filesystem root. And when i play my game it automatically quits saying low space.

Edit: I have already done most of the methods u guys have suggested. But i still get the mssg that only 750 mb is avalaible on filesystem root but when i use disk usage analyzer it says i have 34gb left free but even then its all red and 26 gb are being used how


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Hello @Phant0m,
Welcome to the forum, You don't say which version of Linux you are using?
15 Gbs for root is not a lot - I would up that to 30gbs. But the other problem may be your filling up the var/log files for some reason.
Take a look at the /var/log and see how much space is being used by them?
If you have extra installed kernels you may also want to remove some of the unused ones. I usually keep only two kernels at a time. Good Luck.
The message that you are low on space is referring to the 93% of your root partition being used. Linux works better with a lower percentage of the root partition being used, and at 95% or more, it usually slows and eventually stops as usage approaches 100%. Keeping it below 80% would be preferable, though there are different views on the matter. My own machines are all below 50% on purpose which allows me to install larger programs like virtual machines if I choose, and then deallocate them.

There are number of things you can do on the root partition to increase space. Find large files that you don't need and delete them. Delete journal entries that you don't need any more. Delete programs/applications that you no longer use or can do without. Next level of "space creation" can involve repartitioning the drive either by using a partitioning tool like gparted or lvm if your system is using it. These repartitionings can be tricky and it looks like in your case you would be adding space from the home directory to the root directory. Back up data if you want to save it before repartitioning. The last alternative I'll mention is to re-install the distribution with more appropriate partition sizes, and consider using lvm which would provide some flexibility for size alterations in the future. You could also consider filesystems like btrfs which help with partitioning options for installed systems.
If you have a lot of old kernels try removing some of them to free up space in root
Ubuntu 21.10 is no longer supported, reaching EOL back in June sometime.

Please upgrade to a supported release. Security fixes come out all the time. You're not getting those updates. You're a risk to yourself and others.
15 Gbs for root is not a lot - I would up that to 30gbs.
This. Most modern distros require a minimum 20GB for the root partition. You should have at least 30GB to comfortably install applications. If you're adding a swap file, you need to account for that as well. My root partition is 50GB, 14 of which is used, and I don't install lots of big apps or games.

I see you have a separate home partition. Before you go deleting random stuff, repartitioning, adding LVM, etc, back up your data.
I always install the Distro to the whole Drive...mine's 500GB and never have problems.

Of cause I do normal maintenance like...delete all but two Timeshift snapshots...remove old kernels...run a few clean commands every few months and transfer videos...documents...pictures...music etc to an External HDD now and then.
I always install the Distro to the whole Drive...mine's 500GB and never have problems.
If you use btrfs you don't really have to think about partitioning much and how much root or home needs, only one big btrfs filesystem and the whole disk is shared with all the mount locations.
Okay so, I don't know what distro you are using, but gaming with a 15gb drive is not a good idea, i recommend you install a drive with more storage or not game on it due to gaming taking up a lot of space.

try delete some files that you do not need, remove old kernels, and also in your terminal run (sudo apt autoremove) this will automatically remove any data that is useless,

hope this helps

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