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    Need a Secure way to Login VMs

    Hi, I am a manager working in an IT company. We have more than 1000 Vms in Live and worked with lot of people. We need to have a Secure way to Login the vm without sharing the password to our team. Linux / Windows we need to Keep the Login as secure and Provide the solution to track/store...
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    Can't Login to Debian KDE

    Whenever I try to login, I can type in my password but hitting enter does nothing. On the top left of the login screen, there are no options where it says "session." I am using a 2011 or 2012 macbook pro, Debian 10 KDE plasma. I was trying to get rocket league running through Epic (and later...
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    How to write script for login of Ubuntu?

    I'm pretty noobish at Linux and I wouldn't know the first way to go about this. How would I write a script that presses the Enter key as soon as I type in the right password to login? When I login to Windows 10 and put the pin, it automatically signs me in when I type it right (Or maybe since...
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    Correct password not accepted -VNC

    I have set up a xen server with two guest domains to toy around with and to learn on. I am having issues with user passwords when logging into the guest domains using VNC. If I log into any domain with vnc from my laptop(I have tried tighten and real VNC) it rejects the password. If I use a vnc...