linux mint xfce installation

  1. Freepoorman

    I installed Linux Mint XFCE on my sister's laptop.

    My sister's laptop was running very slow. It has an i5 CPU and 8gb RAM, but still has an HDD as the boot drive. After seeing how fast my (similar spec) laptop is running Xubuntu, she asked if I could install Linux but keep it as user-friendly as possible for her. She's only ever used Windows, so...
  2. G

    [CLOSED] Linux Mint XFCE - Black screen after login

    Hello, I recently installed Linux Mint XFCE on an old Lenovo laptop I was planning to use in a personal web scraping project. The installation itself went smooth, I chose to give it the whole HD and also activated the installation of 3rd party drivers. The result was a black screen after I...