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[CLOSED] Linux Mint XFCE - Black screen after login


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I recently installed Linux Mint XFCE on an old Lenovo laptop I was planning to use in a personal web scraping project.

The installation itself went smooth, I chose to give it the whole HD and also activated the installation of 3rd party drivers. The result was a black screen after I entered and submitted my password, when I booted into the installed version. On this black screen all I can see is a mouse pointer and notifications like the ones given when the PC connects to the WIFI. I did of course some research and got the feeling that there was no real solution for this problem apart maybe some workarounds?

What I have tried so far:

- I have removed the nvidia drivers through sudo apt-get purge nvidia*
- I have been able to login Linux by adding the nomodeset parameter in GRUB (not a good permanent solution, since it looks quite hideous)

After doing this I am stuck. What are my options? Is it even possible to get a normal environment on my PC without the nvidia drivers? The environment from the live-USB distro worked well enough graphics wise, not sure if it is possible to use this in a "production" environment?

Update: Could this graphics problem also create issues further down the road when installing additional software like Python, MongoDB, MySQL etc?

Any help would be appreciated. Additional information about the PC can be found attached.


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That's a shame it did not work out.

Perhaps try a few other Linux on a stick to see if there is one that likes the Lenovo and vice versa.

Plenty at distrowatch.com to choose from.

Good luck

Chris Turner

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