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    Can I modify regmap_config parameters, such as the .val_bits of regmap_config, in userspace?

    I would like to know if it is possible to modify the regmap_config parameters, such as the .val_bits field, from user space. I am aware that the regmap_config structure is typically used by kernel drivers to describe the hardware characteristics, but I am wondering if there is any way to modify...
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    Developing an operating system from scratch.

    How can I make an operating system using the Linux kernel, what should I pay attention to when making an operating system?
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    Linux Kernel Development

    While I'm not going to deny the achievements the Linux Foundation has made for Linux itself in the last several years (as there has been plenty of them), I will agree that it does have some guilt of being a corporate shill (and it has noted this criticism on occasion). To be fair, anyone...
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    Want to work for AMD? Linux Kernel Developer Openings - Remote or Relocation available.

    Hi Everyone, AMD has several Linux Kernel Developer openings I wanted to share: Linux Kernel - Networking I/O Lead - (open to REMOTE for this role and relocation) - Job Description HERE System Software Design Engineer Linux Security, Cloud & Virtualization - (open to REMOTE for this role and...
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    How to extract the TCP header of Incoming and Outgoing Packets using sk_buff? How can we create an LKM for the same?

    I want to extract the TCP header and print the Header details of both incoming as well as outgoing packets but I need to hook that module in the Linux Kernel. That is I need to create an LKM for the same.
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    Linux kernel module

    I am trying to make linux kernel module to read two files and match data between them. I am unable to do so because of syntax as well as header library problems. Can you please provide me a code which can help me to complete this task ASAP.
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    Struct PCB definition in linux ?

    I want to find struct PCB definition in linux. but i am not able to find it can anyone suggest me from where i get that.
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    I've written an article about the kernel programming...

    It is about "sequential" files of Linux kernel. IMHO In this article, I've fixed several issues around this topic. It is on I'm not sure that this forum and this thread is a proper place for such an announcement. However it is my first article in English, and...
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    U-Boot Environment Variables issue

    I am trying to network boot Linux via TFTP and so when it starts up it says on the console, "ipaddr not set". Yet when I print the variable ipaddr it shows the ip address as shown in the image. Everytime I change the u-boot configuration I have to issue the command, "env default -a" because...
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    Linux Devs vs Ignorant Fascists

    As you all know, the Social Justice Warriors (who I now call Ignorant Fascists, because I find the other term misleading) have infiltrated the Linux community, and are trying to ban many Linux developers because of their illogical ideologies, leading to many of the same Linux developers to...
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    How to edit custom kernel settings

    I have p2v an old linux server running a legacy application. The host is ESXi 6.0. Now i need to add the nic driver however it is a custom kernel 2.4.6 Is there a way to just add the driver for the nic without having to recompile the kernel? if i have to recompile, is there a way to edit...