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    Disk Space

    Hi All 1. I am new to RHEL and i am learning, on one of my server i have disk space alert. how do i check what files are occupying space. Server01:~ # df -Th Filesystem Type Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/sda2 ext4 60G 58.1G...
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    Hello Dear Members

    Hello Dear Members My name is Vani Sharma, I am learning about Linux using Tecadmin- A Linux blog for Linux Tips and Tricks. I am feeling glad to join with Linux forum. I hope I will also learn something new from here about Linux updates.
  3. E

    Linux installation error

    I'm new to Linux, and I'm trying to install some packages for machine learning. I'm using NVIDIA Jetson TX2, and have had no problems installing packages like TensorFlow and whatnot. However, I'm currently trying to install something called Keras, and when I enter `pip install keras` or `sudo -H...
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    All ways and also Best way to find the number of openfiles in linux

    need possible ways and also the optimal one to find the curent number of openfiles in linux.
  5. A

    Keep one ID based on value of a column?

    hellow, i have a tab delimeted file: GH76.hmm - 358 VENTURIA_I_00885.t1 - 411 7.50E-83 273.9 26.1 1 1 7.80E-85 2.30E-82 272.3 26.1 15 354 24 406 21 410 0.87 GH105.hmm - 332 VENTURIA_I_00885.t1 - 411...
  6. S

    Why is my selection not working?

    Hi, So I'm working on editing this code and I thought I had all the errors for it fixed but when I run the code it works, like the code shows up but when i type in the letter to make a selection it doesn't actually execute the right part of the code it doesn't do anything and I'm not sure how...
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    linux common commands and use examples

    Share it to everyone's personal blog, which mainly introduces common linux commands and use cases. Welcome to exchange and share. Blog address:
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    four ways to view linux load average and load explained

    Linux w command Linux uptime command Linux top command Linux iostat command
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    rename file linux – use rename cmd or mv cmd or awk cmd
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    Awk tutorial: awk syntax and awk examples
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    GNU sed syntax and sed examples